Friday, 27 February 2015

It's Go Time! podcast - February 26, 2015

victoria/vancouver, bc '90s hardcore edition

render useless - "3 am tuesday"
ex-dead teenager - "kill the tv screens"
mblanket - "wet meat"
facepuller - "snakes in the grass"
brandnewunit - "what about u?"
soy - "context is everything"
gus - "cattle prod romeo"
goatboy - "war against oppression"
strain - "here and now"
sparkmarker - "kansas"
render useless - "becoming anti-human"
benchwarmer - "bigot"
daddy's hands - "phasers on stun"
daddy's hands - "strangled planet"
hudson mack - "wake up" let's put the x in sex - "filler" (minor threat cover)
republic of freedom fighters - "this father's father"
the measure - "little earthquake"
line traps - "static shock"
six brew bantha - "fisgard block party"
balance - "highschool (b)romance"

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