Monday, 14 January 2013

Vacant State interview from Discorder Magazine

Vacant State

"The ‘y’ in d.i.y. is do it yourself, you know? If there’s no venues that just means nobody is looking."

by Sarah Berman

Vacant State | photo by Sarah Charrouf

It’s an unlikely home for a hardcore band. La Casa del Artista first opened in 2006 for the purpose of showcasing live mariachi music. A towering mustard-coloured building on the corner of Main and 3rd Ave, it’s on the back steps that I first meet three members of Vacant State: Terry Wilk (vocals), Adam Mitchell (guitar) and Chris “Gustav” Gustafson (bass). Relocating to their ground-floor jam space, we sat down (on the floor) to discuss Vancouver’s punk scene, all-ages venues and their debut long player Fill the Void [...]

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